Preventing Injuries in a Competitive Landscape

Industrial safety gates, also known as partition walls, are essential for preventing disasters in industrial and construction sites. They are constructed from a variety of materials, depending on the intended use. Safety gates vary greatly in size, material, design and construction. Here's a quick rundown of the most popular types of safety fences that are frequently seen in industrial settings.

The most common type of safety gate is the self-closing gates. This design consists of two horizontal boards that meet at the top of the gate with a vertical metal rod and a locking gate. As you approach the top of the gate, the door automatically shuts, preventing unwanted access. Self-closing safety gates come in a wide variety of styles and sizes to fit nearly any business or commercial structure. Self-closing hinges are generally made of galvanized steel, but sometimes they are available in aluminum, plastic or vinyl.

Swing gates are the next most popular style of safety fence, providing the same benefits of self-closing but in a safer and more convenient form. These safety devices generally consist of a series of rails, usually spaced equally along the perimeter, which run parallel to the gate and latch behind it when the barrier is extended. Swing gates may be operated manually or via remote control. They are designed to prevent unwanted access by providing an automatic closing action upon commencement of motion.

The most versatile type of safety fence is the universal size gates. Universal size gates are designed to fit on most buildings on-site. This means that businesses no longer need to purchase and maintain gate kits at their on-site facility. Universal size gates are made of a variety of materials, including aluminum, steel and PVC.

Self-closing and spring-loaded safety gates allow business owners to provide the best in fall protection for both employees and customers. These types of gates operate with the push of a button, providing instant and reliable on-site safety. These self-closing and spring-loaded gates offer the best in both security and versatility. Whether used in a store, restaurant, industrial building, office complex, industrial park or public facility, these types of gates provide a sense of security when on site.

Installing industrial safety gates can improve business operations and minimize injuries. With the wide range of available styles and materials, industrial gate manufacturers can meet the needs of today's modern business landscape. By offering a competitive edge in terms of design and equipment selection, the right industrial gate can make the difference between success and failure. These innovative solutions to protect against the risk of industrial accidents while improving operations.  

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